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Navigate the murky waters of healthcare hiring with Bridge. As a tech-enabled recruitment company we can help you source and hire exceptional tech talent hassle-free.

Struggling to close the skills gap?

You are an established healthcare organisation or a small clinic with your plate full of daily operational challenges. Everything is going well, except for one thing – hiring great nurses, doctors, and technicians. We know the pain.

Good nurses are hard to find

No matter how well established of organisation you are, good nurses are hard to come by. You need the right data and system to find ones.

Great candidates are everywhere

With our proprietary data and sourcing system we can find the right candidates even in the smallest towns. We can reach out to candidates at scale and provide a healthy pipeline of new hires.

Get all the benefits of data-driven hiring at scale.
Without sacrificing the quality.

Bridge gives you everything you like about traditional recruiting, but with the ability to target larger pools of talent at scale across various channels.

Hire top talent in any city in the US

We recruit nurses in 400 cities in the United States

Up to 30 pre-vetted candidates per month

With our proprietary sourcing engine that automates tech talent sourcing by up to 80%, you can close your positions within days.

Local recruiters - better results

Our recruiters are often local to the locations you are hiring in, increasing your chances to close the needed positions.

Easily manage incoming candidates

We work with you in the systems that you use internally, making our collaboration as seamless as possible.

Start hiring within days

We can start recruiting within two days and start providing candidates within the first week.

Transparent pricing, subscription model

All of the fees are 100% transparent. We also offer a predictable subscription model for talent sourcing.

Latest case study: Perlman Clinic hired 10 registered nurses in two weeks at $1500/hire with Bridge

Focus on your organisation's operations.
Get nurse recruitment off your plate.

Running healthcare hiring campaign is a lot of work. You need to choose a location, get a team of local recruiters with a fitting cultural background, and manage the whole process on your own. It takes a lot of time, not to mention hiring expenses. The good news is: We handle all that tedious work for you.

Tech-enabled sourcing and hiring process

We offer orchestrated recruitment that includes
multi-channel candidate search and a talent acquisition platform for full visibility over your remote hiring campaign. Screen candidates, schedule interviews, and communicate with our hiring managers – everything is just a couple of clicks away.

What our clients say

Peter Lo

Insight Global

We reached out to Bridge Teams to have a dialogue on recruiting medical staff. Bridge team helped us understand the different markets in the context of our own recruiting and hiring strategy and overall organization needs. As we do not have the internal resources to proactively engage in outreach, sourcing as a service was the perfect solution for us and exceeded our expectations.

Benjamin Sawyer

Ciena Healthcare

Working with the bridge team’s sourcing team for our ongoing hiring was great. Right off the bat I knew I was in good hands when bridge teams knew nuanced differences (skills related and salary) for registered nurses and radiologists. The candidates they sourced were very competent and fit the roles we needed to fill well, each week finding upwards of 5-10 viable candidates – more than I had time to interview!

Jay Barton


Bridge has been one of the best recruiting partners with whom I have worked with in my 15+ years in the industry. They understand the types of people we want to attract and do a spectacular job in matching people to our culture and requirements. We get feedback from all of our hiring leads and the process partnering with them has been the best they have experienced. They work to understand our operational processes and strategy.

James Bowen

Private Medical

Bridge was an incredible way for us at Private Medical to rapidly scale up our RN hiring while being cost-effective. More importantly, Bridge enabled us to easily explore hiring strategy across various locations by seeing multiple qualified nurse candidates within weeks across different cities. The bridge team was friendly, the process was fast to set up, and they were always available for communication.

James Yancey

Partner at Vitas Health

We go through a lot of hiring in short periods of time at Vitas Health. Souring the right candidates is usually a big challenge. Bridge helped us source top notch nursing candidates across seven different locations in a matter of days. This allowed our recruiting staff to focus on interviewing and closing the roles instead of the grind of sourcing outreach.

Hire talent with the right partner

As an extension of your recruitment team, we take care of screening, vetting, and hiring the best candidates. You gain flexibility and speed up your hiring process.


Potential talent pool


Data driven


People hired in 1 year


Cost reduction

Let's build a wonderful nurse team for you

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