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Bridge helped an influencer marketing agency find 5-10 viable candidates with a very specific set of skills and experiences on a weekly basis. All candidates were sourced in Latin American countries.

About is a global leader in influencer marketing headquartered in New York. The agency creates marketing campaigns for world-famous brands such as Converse, Lyft, and Ulta Beauty. They manage marketing projects from start to finish, including strategy, influencer management, shipping, fulfillment, content creation, paid amplification, and reporting. has a proprietary data-driven platform that allows its clients to track the results of marketing campaigns across all platforms and measure impact in terms of impressions and engagements. With an intuitive dashboard, brands and agencies can review campaign results in real time as soon as a post goes live.

Client request needed qualified data analysts and data scientists to help improve its data platform. The candidates needed to fit the desired salary range and have the following technical skillsets:
  • Must have: SQL
  • Nice to have: Python, Ruby, and statistics background.


As data-driven decision-making is employed across more and more industries, data scientists are some of the most sought professionals today. Sourcing these experts is a very complicated and time-consuming process. That’s why turned to Bridge.

Our solution

Our cooperation with included the following stages:

Creating a job requisition

As soon as joined our talent acquisition management platform, their hiring managers described technical requirements for candidates, such as proficiency in SQL, knowledge of Python, and desirable background in Ruby and statistics. They also set salary limits so our team could find the best candidates within their hiring budget.

Using our sourcing engine to find candidates in Latin America

Our client wanted to look for candidates in Latin America, so we defined the talent pool in this region using our proprietary sourcing engine. Next, our sourcers vetted potential hires and compiled a list of the most fitting candidates.

A/B testing candidate outreach campaigns

Our Bridge recruiters ran A/B tests in their outreaches. When our sourcers got the first positive replies, they determined the best test version and optimized their messages to get the highest response rate.

Communicating with candidates

Once we got the replies, we started communicating with the most suitable candidates. We filtered data scientists and data analysts that didn’t match our client’s expectations for salary and whose English level wasn’t sufficient. Interested candidates that matched all the requirements were submitted directly to the client via a Slack channel. gave us positive feedback: “I would say the candidates are very relevant to what I’m looking for.”


We provided 5-10 technically qualified candidates per week using our proprietary sourcing engine and technically savvy human recruiters. The agency’s Senior Data Product Manager only had to interview these candidates and make hires.

Working with the bridge team’s sourcing team for latin american talent was great. Right off the bat I knew I was in good hands when bridge teams knew nuanced differences (technical and salary) for Data Analysts for reporting and Data Scientists for ML & predictive algorithms. The candidates they sourced were technically competent and fit the role I needed to fill well, each week finding upwards of 5-10 viable candidates – more than I had time to interview!

Benjamin Singer

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