About Us

The idea for Bridge – headquarters as a service came from a combined of 20 years of experience servicing the clients in need of engineering resources. Both founders of the company have been at the helm of a tech consultancy for the past 10 years. What we noticed, is that many companies would rather have their own team than outsource the work to third party vendors. As it turned out doing this in the United States has been increasingly hard in light of competition from larger tech firms and rising costs. Doing this abroad was complicated, because of obvious operational and logistical complexities. We saw the opportunity and decided to do it right.

Advisory board


As of today Bridge Inc has raised a total of $X. Bridge is funded by an array of organizations passionate about the future of global hiring. Our initial investment was rceived from one of our long term clients. The subsequent rounds were funded by Funds Fund, GoogleVentures, Sequoia etc.

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