Hire Software Developers in the US

Bridge can help you acquire top-tier tech talent in the United States – tried and true destination for software development.

Why hire software engineers in the United States?

The US is the biggest and the most thriving tech hub in the entire western hemisphere. Economic growth, support from the government, and growing tech industry make this country a sweet spot for tech recruitment.

4,2 million software engineers

The United States offers a vast engineering talent pool of more than 4,2 million software developers.

Political and economic stability

The US economy is always on the safe side and there are business-friendly laws that support foreign investments.

Focus on tech education

There are 58 tech study programs available at 25 schools and universities in the United States.

Growing industry

The software development industry added $1.9 trillion in total US GDP in 2020, which is a 17.1% increase since 2018.

Companies with HQs in the USA

America is home to many world-known companies. Here are just some of them:

Make your recruitment campaign a cakewalk with Bridge

Bridge helps you find the needed tech talent faster and more efficiently. Take a look at the services we provide:

The United States graduates nearly 70,000 engineers every year.

IT Recruitment

As an extension of your in-house team, Bridge recruiters will help find, screen, and hire remote tech specialists to cover full-time positions in your company. 



The average salary for a programmer is $56,835 per year in the United States.

IT Staffing

Our hiring managers can help you extend your in-house team with needed engineers. We will find external talent globally and manage payroll and operations.

Software engineers in the US are skilled in Java, C++, and Python


With our proprietary sourcing engine, we choose and validate candidates based on your project requirements 5X faster when compared to manual candidate sourcing.

Calculate how much it costs to build a team in the US

Start building your team in the United States with Bridge

  • Expert knowledge of the local market
  • Financial transparency
  • Legal security
  • Online platform to manage hiring campaigns

Learn about other destinations

Bridge recruits tech talent in 12 countries worldwide. We also plan to cover more destinations soon.

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