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Guide to Payroll and Taxes For Domestic and Global Remote Teams

Remote teams are the best. But payroll and taxes for them are not

So you’ve decided to hire a remote team and it’s definitely worth the hassle. Now you need to figure out how to fulfill your employer’s responsibilities: pay your employees, comply with local laws, deposit taxes where your employees live. You can figure it out by yourself (we’ve written a guide for you below), or you can rely on us to handle your payroll and accounting for you.

Offload your payroll to us

Running a business day to day, managing your team, producing a product people love – you have lots of stuff to worry about, stuff you can’t simply offload. But you can offload your payroll process.

Have more time to build your product

Paying remote employees every month and dealing with taxes across country borders are time-consuming. But you can free up your time by letting our local accountants do all that for you so you could focus on your business.

Pay as little tax as it's legally possible

When deciding how to do payroll, we advise you on the type of working relationships with your remote workers that lets you stay fully compliant with local employment laws, and also keep the costs low.

Make it easy and safe for everyone

When it comes to working arrangements, we help make life easier for everyone. Your employees feel secure about their jobs and get paid on time. And you don't need to worry about regulatory compliance and labor laws.

We support your entire payroll

From distributing paychecks to depositing payroll taxes – you have all your bases covered. You make one lump-sum payment every month, and we do the distribution.

Collect data

We collect and maintain records of every employee.

Calculate net pay

Gross pay minus tax withholdings and benefit payments.

Issue payments

Employees get their net paid via direct deposits.

Report taxes

We submit payroll reports to local tax entities.

Withhold and pay taxes

All tax and benefit payments are forwarded to taxing authorities.

Payroll reports at your fingertips

All the information about your payroll and tax payments is available to you via our web platform. Your reports are always accurate and transparent.

Bridge is your Employer of Record

Bridge operates as an Employer of Record (EOR). We set up entities around the world, letting you build your own team anywhere without the cost and risk of establishing your own entity in a foreign country. This is the most cost-effective and compliant way to employ overseas.

Why work with Bridge

Local IT recruiters, huge talent pool, full transparency – those are some of the biggest benefits of working with Bridge. But most importantly, we hire the best people.

Your business is legally compliant

Hiring independent contractors abroad can put you at risk of employment and tax violations. Bridge hires your contractors on your behalf, in accordance with all the local requirements, to prevent non-compliance penalties.

Your employees are protected

No matter where you decide to set up a remote team, the interests of your people are protected by the labor law of the country they live in. We make sure your workers feel safe and confident and get treated as your regular employees.

It's 20-30% cheaper than your own entity

Compared to establishing your own entity in a foreign country and running it independently, our services are 20-30% cheaper. Also, with us, you don’t get all that headache dealing with foreign regulations and taxes. We’ve already done that for you.

We're always there if you need us

You get a dedicated account manager who lives within the same time zone to answer any questions you might have about your payroll, recent legislative changes, financial reports, and everything else you need help with. We are always there to help you.

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