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Angular Developer Salary Worldwide 2021 Guide and Trends

Angular Developer Salary Worldwide 2021 Guide and Trends

The first iteration of the Angular web framework was called AngularJS — JS stands for JavaScript. It just so happens that Google messed up Angular the first time around. That’s why instead of calling the current version Angular 2 or 2.0+, they simply decided to name it Angular for simplicity’s sake.

Today, Angular is used by companies to build robust, scalable projects. The framework is considered “mature” compared to frameworks like React and Vue because Angular comes with more capabilities out of the box. Granted, the talent pool for Angular developers is smaller, and so is the demand, which shows when you compare salaries.

For this guide, we will be presenting our findings on Angular developer salary differences worldwide.

Let’s first explore Angular a bit more to see why companies and developers prefer it over the competition.

What makes Angular one of the most popular web frameworks?

We’re not exaggerating with the title for this section. In the latest StackOverflow survey, Angular was the #3 most popular web framework behind the aging yet incredibly powerful jQuery and the second-most popular, React.js.

But consider this: from a technical standpoint, jQuery and React are libraries, which doesn’t make the competition fully honest. So, when comparing “actual web frameworks”, it’s safe to say that Angular is #1.

Angular Framework Most Popular StackOverflow Survey
Source: StackOverflow


Now, why is Angular so popular? One word — TypeScript. TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, and the #2 most loved programming language according to StackOverflow. TypeScript is backwards compatible with JavaScript with a few key differences — opinionated architecture and error handling.

Programmers we’ve spoken to describe TypeScript as the programmer’s best friend thanks to the strict adherence to software architecture it requires and the error checking it provides. The latter is extremely important when running any software, but especially in a production environment, where catching and fixing bugs is of utmost importance.

25 Angular Developer Interview Questions

Taking it a step further, TypeScript is also beneficial for business owners and end-users. Business owners benefit from an architecturally sound product that has built-in reliability, while end-users get to enjoy the product without being frustrated by bugs and errors. This is why you see Angular being used in enterprise applications. Granted, that doesn’t mean React or Vue can’t be used in enterprise applications, just that the inherent qualities of Angular make it perfect for the job.

Let’s look at what you can build with a modern JS framework like Angular.

What can you build with Angular?

Thanks to a ton of out-of-the-box capabilities, Angular is considered a great fit not only for enterprise app development but many other types of apps.

Here’s what you can develop with Angular:

  • Single-page applications (SPAs)
  • Progressive web applications (PWAs)
  • Enterprise-level dynamic web applications & dashboards
  • Cross-platform applications (web, mobile and desktop)


Chances are that you use a SPA daily. Gmail, Netflix and Twitter are just a few examples of SPAs.

The main advantage of SPAs is improving user experience through interactivity. For example, instead of waiting for pages to load, users are treated to near-instant responses, much like what you see in a mobile app.

SEO used to be a concern, but it’s easy to retain your search rankings when switching to a SPA with best practices.



PWAs are the latest craze in web development. What started in Google has captured the attention of web development professionals all over the world. The beauty of PWAs is that they can be built with vanilla JS or any other framework — Vue, React or Angular.

PWAs take SPAs a step further because they can be set up to use offline. In addition, you can add push notifications, add PWAs to app stores as is, and the technology is supported by all browsers (including the latest iOS version).

Famous companies that use PWAs include Twitter, Starbucks, Forbes, The Weather Channel, and so on.


Enterprise-level dynamic web applications & dashboards

Angular is great for interactive dashboards, financial tools, and admin dashboards. Using Angular’s advantages of being robust and cross-platform ready, our clients at Bridge have created data-driven, automated dashboards — including analytics, statistics and management tools. As you know, the fiddle doesn’t play itself, so building an Angular enterprise app will require Senior-level Angular developers


Cross-platform applications

Angular makes it easy to develop cross-platform apps thanks to code sharing. Code sharing is a concept that allows developers to “write once, use everywhere”, including any web browser, smartphone and desktop OS. Of course, not everyone needs cross-platform capabilities in their current project, but somewhere down the line, it could make sense to turn your web app into mobile, and Angular gives you the tools to do that.

In the next section, we’ll reveal our market research into the average salary for Angular developers worldwide, including the US, Canada, UK, and EU. Of course, it won’t come as a surprise that the average Angular developer salary in the US is the highest in the world, but salaries in some countries may surprise you.


Angular developer salaries around the world

What’s interesting to note here is that unlike in our PHP developer salary guide, Angular developer salaries tend to vary widely across the job boards. This might be because some salaries are for the deprecated Angular JS (a.k.a version 1.0) framework, while others are for the “2.0+” Angular framework. Just as a side note: Angular 1.0 will be supported by Google until December 31, 2021. Dramatically, once the clock strikes midnight, no security holes or other issues will be updated or fixed.

For countries outside the US, we looked at SalaryExpert figures as they best reflected what our recruiting partners have shown us and what our research shows.

To get the most accurate figures for the average Angular programmer salary in the US, we turned to PayScale , ZipRecruiter, Talent, Glassdoor, and SalaryExpert

Note: All listed salaries are gross earnings and do not include deductions according to each country’s tax system.


Angular developer salary in the USA

Below is a table of average annual salaries, entry-level, and senior Angular developer salary figures across the five job boards we analyzed.







$72k USD

$109k USD

$112k USD

$88k USD

$93k USD


$64k USD

$43k USD

$97k USD

$68k USD

$65k USD


$95k USD

$158k USD

$132k USD

$116k USD

$115k USD

For individual cities, we chose New York, Chicago, and San Francisco based on SalaryExpert figures.

Here’s the average Angular software engineer salary in three major US cities:

New York


San Francisco


$110k USD

$99k USD

$119k USD


$77k USD

$70k USD

$84k USD


$137k USD

$123k USD

$148k USD

If you’re confused by the numbers here, and further on in this guide, we’d like to clarify that these are averages — so the overall average and average entry-level (1-3 years experience) and senior (8+ years of experience) Angular front end developer salary. If you look at the variance in salaries on levels.fyi you’ll see that it’s not just the base salary that matters, but also stock options and bonuses. Bonuses and stock options are company-specific and aren’t tied down to a particular region, so we didn’t include them in our analysis.

Moving on, we’ll look at the rest of North America, followed by Argentina, the UK, Germany, Ukraine, India, and Australia. The currencies were converted using xe.com in July 2021.


Angular developer salary in Canada

Canada is a big place, but major IT hubs are located in a few key cities: Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto.






$103k CAD or $81k USD

$102k CAD or $81k USD

$111k CAD or $88k USD

$110k CAD or $87k USD


$72k CAD or $57k USD

$72k CAD or $57k USD

$78k CAD or $62k USD

$78k CAD or $62k USD


$127k CAD or $101k USD

$126k CAD or $100k USD

$138k CAD or $109k USD

$137k CAD or $108k USD

Angular developer salary in Mexico

We at Bridge know a lot about the Mexican tech scene. We chose Mexico as a priority location for finding talent when we first conceived of Bridge because we knew the level of tech skills and proximity to the US would be a killer combination. The level of tech and domain proficiency that talented Mexican software engineers have is Silicon Valley-caliber, while salary expectations are much more competitive.


Mexico City




$393k MXN or $19k USD

$497k MXN or $24k USD

$421k MXN or $21k USD

$485k MXN or $24k USD


$278k MXN or $13k USD

351k MXN or $17k USD

$298k MXN or $14k USD

$343k MXN or $17k USD


$490k MXN or $24k USD

$619k MXN or $30k USD

$524k MXN or $26k USD

$604k MXN or $30k USD

Angular developer salary in Argentina

Argentina is slowly but surely, transforming into a leader in Latin American tech. Argentina is home to a healthy handful of unicorns, tech pioneers, and strong software engineers.


Buenos Aires




$1.09 million ARS or $11k USD

$1.11 million ARS or $11k USD

$1.01 million ARS or $10k USD

$1.03 million ARS or $10k USD


$793k ARS or $8k USD

$810k ARS or $8k USD

$738k ARS or $7k USD

$751k ARS or $7k USD


$1.39 million ARS or $14k USD

$1.42 million ARS or $14k USD

$1.29 million ARS or $13k USD

$1.32 million ARS or $13k USD

Angular developer salary in Germany

Germany has a growing startup scene and a growing community of software developers. Interestingly, the front end Angular developer salary is surprisingly higher than PHP developer salary. StackOverflow’s survey results show that backend developers are paid $4k more, globally, than frontend developers.






€73k EUR or $85k USD

€76k EUR or $89k USD

€74k EUR or $87k USD

€78k EUR or $91k USD


€51k EUR or $60k USD

€53k EUR or $62k USD

€52k EUR or $61k USD

€55k EUR or $64k USD


€90k EUR or $105k USD

€94k EUR or $110k USD

€92k EUR or $108k USD

€97k EUR or $114k USD


Angular developer salary in the UK

The UK is seeing an investment surge in 2021. The UK’s tech scene is thriving, however, like any country globally, it requires post-Covid government support if businesses are to continue the upward trajectory in growth.






£53k GBP or $72k USD

£67k GBP or $92k USD

£49k GBP or 67k USD

£49k GBP or $67k USD


£32k GBP or $44k USD

£47k GBP or $64k USD

£34k GBP or $46k USD

£35k GBP or $48k USD


£65k GBP or $89k USD

£83k GBP or $114k USD

£61k GBP or $83k USD

£61k GBP or $83k USD

Angular developer salary in Ukraine

Ukraine is notorious for being an IT hotspot. Major IT hubs include Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv. We found it puzzling that the Junior Angular developer salary in Ukraine is so low compared to the average Senior salary. Perhaps this is an indication that titles are subjective, and it takes a proper interview to understand what skills the software engineer has.

For Ukraine, we chose to use data from our research, which we put into our Budget Calculator and converted the monthly salaries to annual salaries.

Angular Developer Salary Ukraine Bridge Teams
Source: Budget Calculator for Software Engineering Teams
  • Average – $26k USD
  • Entry-level – $10k USD
  • Senior – $48k USD

Angular developer salary in India

One interesting fact you may not know about India is how its outsourcing market boomed leading up to the Year 2000 problem (Y2K). Indian software engineers helped US companies save billions, and it was all done remotely. India’s outsourcing is still a major industry and continues to attract a young generation of tech-savvy talent.

Even with the enormous talent pool, salaries aren’t as high as you’d think in India. We found some interesting insights about the entry-level Angular developer salary compared to Senior-level salaries in India and Ukraine. It turned out that Senior Ukrainian Angular developers make roughly 2.6 times more than their Indian colleagues.


New Delhi




₹1.13 million INR or $15k USD

₹1.17 million INR or $15k USD

₹1.18 million INR or $15k USD

₹1.22 million INR or $16k USD


₹810k INR or $10k USD

₹843k INR or $11k USD

₹851k INR or $11k USD

₹876k INR or $11k USD


₹1.4 million INR or $18k USD

₹1.48 million INR or $19k USD

₹1.49 million INR or $19k USD

₹1.54 million INR or $20k USD

Angular developer salary in Australia

A recent KPMG report showed that Australia had a record-breaking year of Venture Capital (VC) funding — $1.6 billion invested in 2020 compared to 1.48 billion in 2019.

Angular developers in Australia make about as much as US-based developers outside of Silicon Valley. It’s intriguing because the continent is not necessarily known for having a lot of tech talent and seems to be going through a tech talent shortage so that may be why salaries are as high as they are.






$119k AUD or $87k USD

$121k AUD or $89k USD

$114k AUD or $84k USD

$126k AUD or $92k USD


 $84k AUD or $61k USD

$85k AUD or $62k USD

$81k AUD or $59k USD

$89k AUD or $65k USD


$148k AUD or $109k USD

$150k AUD or $110k USD

$142k AUD or $104k USD

$157k AUD or $115k USD


We highlighted at the beginning of this guide that Angular gives developers everything they need to build performant, scalable, and robust applications. And that’s the main bargaining chip Angular developers have when negotiating salary — their accomplishments, and the value they bring to an organization.

In addition to experience, Angular developer salary heavily depends on location. At Bridge, we recruit mainly in Mexico, Argentina, and Ukraine, so we know those job markets best. And as a global recruiter, we understand the value of remote work, especially during the everlasting tech talent shortages in developed countries like the US and Australia. That’s why we make the additional effort of vetting software engineers before we present them to clients.

Our goal is to provide the tech talent that will help your company grow. Check out our Budget Calculator to identify a team setup that fits your budget.

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